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  • China, Russia deploying space weapons to attack U.S. satellites, warns Space Force chief
    March 14, 2023

    China's military has deployed 347 satellites, including 35 launched in the past six months, to target U.S. forces in a future conflict, the commander of the Space Force told a Senate hearing on Tuesday.
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    U.S., Britain commit to deploying nuclear subs to Australia with a eye to China's growth
    March 13, 2023

    The United States and Britain will deploy nuclear-powered attack submarines to Australia as part of the mini-alliance known as AUKUS, and Australia will buy up to five of the Navy's frontline Virginia-class nuclear submarines in the coming years, the Biden administration disclosed on Monday.

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    China outpacing U.S. in hypersonic missiles, Defense Intelligence Agency warns
    March 10, 2023

    China's military is deploying ultra-high-speed missiles at a rate that poses an increasing threat of nuclear and conventional attacks on the United States, a senior Defense Intelligence Agency official told Congress on Friday.

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    Pentagon says Russia supplying fuel for Chinese nuclear warheads
    March 8, 2023

    The Pentagon expressed concern Wednesday that Russia is supplying uranium for Chinese reactors that are producing plutonium for warheads as part of Beijing large-scale nuclear build-up.

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    Chinese foreign minister warns U.S. policies pushing countries toward war
    March 7, 2023

    China's foreign minister said Tuesday that U.S. efforts to contain and pressure his country will lead to confrontation and conflict unless Washington changes its policies.
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    Construction begins on Nevada lithium mine despite fierce legal battles
    March 4, 2023

    A construction firm has pushed aside legal roadblocks and begun work on what is being called America's largest lithium mine, a project backed by the Biden administration but opposed by leftist environmentalist groups and some American Indians.

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    Code Pink protesters disrupt inaugural House China committee hearing
    Feb. 28, 2023

    Two Code Pink activists attempted to disrupt the inaugural hearing of a House select committee on the Chinese Communist Party and were escorted out by security officials.

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    Hill Republicans fault Biden administration efforts to meet China threats
    Feb. 28, 2023

    The Commerce Department approved sales of sensitive U.S. technology to China worth $23 billion during a six-month period last year, despite an announced policy by the Biden administration to prevent American know-how from being used to bolster the Chinese military.

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    Navy intel chief warns the U.S. is naive about threat from China
    Feb. 27, 2023

    American political leaders and the general population are suffering from "China blindness," failing to understand the nature of the threat to U.S. security posed by the communist regime, according to the admiral in charge of naval intelligence.

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    Attacks on U.S. electric power grid expected to grow
    Feb. 23, 2023

    Service-disrupting attacks on the U.S. electrical power grid are expected to increase in the coming years, a new report by a leading industry group is warning.

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    Pompeo's memoir details dramatic shift in U.S. policy toward China
    Feb. 21, 2023

    Chinese President Xi Jinping is the world's "most dangerous" leader and ultimately wants to rule the world, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo writes in a new memoir detailing his four years as a top intelligence and diplomatic voice in the Trump administration.

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    Russian suspension of New START latest blow to Biden's arms control hopes
    Feb. 21, 2023

    President Vladimir Putin's announcement Tuesday that Russia was "suspending" its adherence to the New START arms treaty is the latest blow to the Biden administration's battered arms control agenda.

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    Biden administration backs curbs on military artificial intelligence uses
    Feb. 16, 2023

    The Biden administration on Thursday announced a proposed arms control agreement to limit the use of artificial intelligence and autonomy for the world's military forces and weapons systems.

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    Rising red threat as China now outpaces U.S. in intercontinental-ballistic missile launchers
    Feb. 12, 2023

    Senior Republicans on the House and Senate Armed Services committees disclosed last week that China's rapidly expanding nuclear forces now exceed the number of U.S. intercontinental-ballistic missile launchers, with little indication that Beijing plans to slow the buildup of its strategic forces.

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    Chinese military confirms snub of U.S. Defense Secretary Austin's call over balloon
    Feb. 9, 2023

    China's Defense Ministry acknowledged Thursday it refused to accept a phone call from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin following the shootdown of a surveillance balloon over the Atlantic last week.

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    Balloons serve multiple roles in Chinese warfare
    Feb. 6, 2023

    China's People's Liberation Army plans to use high-altitude balloons to counter long-range U.S. drones, launch psychological warfare operations and gather intelligence, a review of Chinese military and technical writings reveals.

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    China: U.S. violated 'international practice' in shooting down spy balloon
    Feb. 5, 2023

    China expressed outrage Sunday over the U.S. military's shooting down a day earlier of a Chinese spy balloon off the coast of South Carolina, as the Navy began retrieving wreckage from the Atlantic Ocean and the political rhetoric ramped up in Washington.

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    White House calls Chinese balloon flight over U.S. 'unacceptable' violation of sovereignty
    Feb. 3, 2023

    The Biden administration on Friday said China's dispatch of a high-altitude surveillance balloon over American airspace violated U.S. sovereignty and was "unacceptable," brushing aside a Chinese apology and Beijing's claim that the high-altitude aerostat was an errant weather balloon.

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    China held Taiwan war council in October, general's memo reveals
    Feb. 2, 2023

    The four-star Air Force general who predicted a likely war with China within two years also revealed in his memo that Chinese President Xi Jinping has convened a "war council" of senior military leaders on Taiwan.

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    U.S. says Russia violating last major arms treaty
    Jan. 31, 2022

    The Biden administration on Tuesday formally accused Russia of violating the New START arms treaty over what it said was Moscow's failure to allow inspections of weapons sites or agree to meetings on treaty disputes.

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    Global militaries go on shopping spree at U.S. arms expo, spurred by threats from China and Russia
    Jan. 23, 2022

    Russia's war in Ukraine and China's growing threats against Taiwan have sent militaries from both regions on shopping sprees in an unlikely locale: the No. 1 gambling destination in the U.S.

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    No kickbacks: A high-tech recoilless rifle could be in the Army's future
    Jan. 19, 2022

    LAS VEGAS -- Army troops in the future may very well go into combat armed with a high-technology rifle that produces almost no kick and can be outfitted with electronics capable of seeing around corners, according to the co-inventors.

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    Nimitz carrier strike group sails in disputed South China Sea
    Jan. 13, 2022

    An aircraft carrier strike group led by the USS Nimitz is conducting operations in the disputed South China Sea, including practice strike missions by aircraft, the Navy disclosed Friday.

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    China's military threatens Taiwan takeover in music video
    Jan. 13, 2022

    China's military released a music video this week highlighting stepped-up operations by Chinese warplanes and warships around Taiwan.

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    U.S. defeats China in simulated war over Taiwan, but costs are high, says new study on risks
    Jan. 9, 2022

    A sophisticated new study of a simulated war between China and the U.S. over Taiwan reveals Chinese forces would be defeated in the conflict but with a high cost in casualties and heavy losses of U.S. and allied large ships and aircraft, according to a think tank report made public Monday.

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    How China pirated U.S. technology to rapidly expand its nuclear weapon arsenal
    Jan. 5, 2022

    Beijing's rapid buildup of nuclear forces has been assisted by American nuclear and missile technology obtained by Chinese spies and through U.S. space and nuclear cooperation in the 1990s, according to a review of Chinese technology records and internal U.S. government documents.

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    U.S. Navy warship sails through Taiwan Strait amid rising tensions
    Jan. 5, 2022

    A U.S. Navy warship sailed through the Taiwan Strait on Thursday in what Pentagon officials said was a demonstration of the U.S. commitment to keep the waterway that separates Taiwan from mainland China open to international traffic.

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    U.S. rejects China's claim American pilot to blame for near collision over South China Sea
    Jan. 3, 2023

    The Chinese military jet pilot who nearly collided with a U.S. reconnaissance aircraft last month was solely responsible for the dangerous encounter, a spokesman for the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command said Tuesday

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    China's nukes use U.S. technology
    Jan. 3, 2023

    Beijing's rapid buildup of nuclear forces has been assisted by American nuclear and missile technology obtained by Chinese spies and through U.S. space and nuclear cooperation in the 1990s, according to a review of Chinese technology records and internal U.S. government documents.

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    Once-secret files reveal new details of CIA's divisive defector dispute
    Jan. 1, 2023

    Once-secret government documents reveal long-hidden details on one of the CIA's most prominent Cold War controversies, involving defecting Soviet intelligence agents and U.S. counterspy programs targeting the Kremlin's strategic deception operations against the West.

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    A red threat lurking beneath the sea: China dramatically ramping up submarine fleet
    Jan. 1, 2023

    China's military is building up its submarine forces as a priority for its large-scale military modernization, according to the latest annual Pentagon report on the Chinese military.

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    China sanctions former State Department official, congressional aide
    Dec. 22, 2022

    China on Friday slapped sanctions on two Americans, a former senior State Department official and a congressional aide, according to state media.

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    How China has been thrust into the crosshairs of U.S. intelligence agencies
    Dec. 18, 2022

    The 2023 fiscal intelligence authorization bill now in the final stages in Congress includes many provisions related to China, including a requirement for U.S. intelligence agencies to produce an annual report on Chinese influence operations in the United States.

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    Indictment reveals details of alleged aircraft carrier pilot training for China by ex-Marine
    Dec. 15, 2022

    A former Marine Corps and Navy pilot was charged with illegally providing aircraft carrier flight training to Chinese military pilots, according to court papers in the case of Daniel Duggan.

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    NSA warns of Chinese state hackers targeting
    Dec. 13, 2022

    The National Security Agency sent companies a warning notice Tuesday that Chinese state-linked cyberspies are targeting the multinational cloud-computing firm Citrix.

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    Navy denies curtailing warships, reconnaissance in South China Sea
    Dec. 12, 2022

    The Navy is not cutting back on warship passages or aerial and naval reconnaissance operations in the South China Sea, according to a spokeswoman for the Pacific Fleet, despite new claims by Chinese press outlets.

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    Virus hunter for EcoHealth Alliance says COVID-19 leaked from Chinese lab
    Dec. 11, 2022

    A scientist who once worked at the U.S. nongovernmental organization involved in risky virus research in China says he believes the COVID-19 pandemic began as the result of a leak from a controversial Wuhan laboratory.

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    China nuclear force exceeds U.S. arsenal in some areas, Strategic Command warns
    Dec. 8, 2022

    The commander of the U.S. Strategic Command recently notified Congress that China's military has passed the U.S. in at least one of three areas -- the number of nuclear warheads, strategic missiles or launchers, according to a letter from lawmakers to the chief of America's nuclear arsenal.

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    Pentagon urged to build advanced defenses against growing cruise, hypersonic missile threats to U.S.
    Dec. 5, 2022

    Rapid advances in Chinese hypersonic missiles and Russian cruise missiles pose major threats to critical infrastructure in the United States and the Pentagon needs to prepare better defenses for the homeland, according to a new report by the Pentagon's Defense Science Board.

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    Space race 2.0: China is building weapons to attack U.S. 'ground, sea, or air targets from orbit'
    Dec. 4, 2022

    China is rapidly building a large force of space weapons, including sophisticated anti-satellite missiles, lasers, jammers, orbiting killer robots and cybertools, to "blind and deafen" a war enemy, the U.S. military is warning.

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    China rapidly building space arms to 'blind and deafen' U.S. military, Pentagon says
    Dec. 1, 2022

    China's military is rapidly building a large force of space weapons, including sophisticated anti-satellite missiles, lasers, jammers, orbiting killer robots and cyber tools, designed to "blind and deafen" the American military in a future war, the U.S. military is warning.

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    Drones will now be 'uncrewed,' not 'unmanned' in Pentagon shift
    Nov. 30, 2022

    The Pentagon is subbing out the use of the term "unmanned" in a nod to political correctness and will henceforth refer to "uncrewed" drones and other autonomous weapons. The change appears in the Pentagon's latest annual report to Congress on the Chinese military made public this week.

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    Navy warship sails near advanced Chinese weapons outpost in South China Sea
    Nov. 29, 2022

    A U.S. Navy warship sailed near some of the Chinese military's most advanced weapons outposts in the South China Sea on Tuesday, drawing a sharp rebuke from Beijing.

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    China on pace to match U.S. nuclear stockpile by 2035, Pentagon warns
    Nov. 29, 2022

    The Chinese military's rapid buildup is on pace to reach 1,500 nuclear warheads by 2035 - nearly the number of current U.S.-deployed warheads, the Pentagon said in a survey of Chinese military power revealed Tuesday.

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    China doubles down on harsh COVID controls and tries to end protests
    Nov. 29, 2022

    China's government on Tuesday signaled that it is not backing down in the face of angry nationwide protests against President Xi Jinping's strict zero-COVID policies, the country's state media reported Tuesday.

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    China hones skills to rival U.S. as cyber superpower, 10 times more troops than U.S. Cyber Command
    Nov. 17, 2022

    China's cyberspace operations were once considered "sloppy," but its online capabilities have grown rapidly over the past decade into a dangerous threat regarded as equal to U.S. military digital skills, a congressional report warns.

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    Tough talk: China tells U.S. to take a hike when it comes to Taiwan
    Nov. 17, 2022

    President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping presented sharply diverging views on the future of U.S.-Chinese relations during three hours of closed-door talks Monday. The dynamic of the meeting, preceded by a warm handshake, quickly became clear: The American president sought a return to greater bilateral engagement while the Chinese leader bluntly warned the United States to back off and not to cross its "red lines" regarding Taiwan and other issues.
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    British spy chief says Chinese engaged in long-term agent recruitment
    Nov. 17, 2022

    Britain's domestic intelligence chief warned this week that Chinese intelligence agents are grooming British citizens as spies as part of influence operations that can stretch over years and even decades.

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    Commission report reveals China's plan for war on Taiwan
    Nov. 15, 2022
    China is increasing plans for military, economic and political warfare against Taiwan, and the U.S. government needs to step up preparations and planning to respond to a future war across the Taiwan Strait, according to a report by a congressional China commission.

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    Biden pushes engagement as Xi hails 'new era' of Chinese power
    Nov. 14, 2022
    President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping presented sharply diverging views on the future of U.S.-Chinese relations during three hours of closed-door talks Monday. The dynamic of the meeting, preceded by a warm handshake, quickly became clear: The American president sought a return to greater bilateral engagement while the Chinese leader bluntly warned the United States to back off and not to cross its "red lines" regarding Taiwan and other issues.

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    DNI: China expands use of cyber repression to control population
    Nov. 10, 2022
    China is using cyberattacks, influence operations and mass data theft to extend repressive authoritarian controls over its population and throughout the world, according to a newly declassified U.S. intelligence report.

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    Major conflict with China 'is coming,' outgoing Strategic Command chief warns
    Nov. 7, 2022
    China is increasing its nuclear forces more rapidly than American analysts anticipated, according to the outgoing commander of the Pentagon's Strategic Command, who warns that Beijing is in the midst of a "breakout" buildup of forces.

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    Biden strategy shift limits role of nuclear arms as China, Russia expand arsenals
    Oct. 27, 2022
    The Biden administration has quietly reduced the role of nuclear weapons in American defense strategy by eliminating a decades-long policy of using nuclear arms to hedge against future developments and threats.

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    Senate GOP report backs Wuhan lab leak as COVID-19 origin
    Oct. 27, 2022
    The COVID-19 virus most likely originated from a government laboratory in Wuhan, China, and not from a wild animal, according to a new report by Republicans on the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.

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    New British prime minister vows to counter Chinese communist threats
    Oct. 25, 2022
    Britain's new prime minister says that China poses the largest threat to the country and the world, and has outlined plans to shut down controversial Chinese cultural institutes that critics say are used to promote Beijing propaganda and influence activities.

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    Threat to undersea cable in Hawaii highlights danger of future internet disruptions
    Oct. 22, 2022
    HONOLULU -- Federal security officials working an investigation on the Dark Web made an alarming discovery last April. A hacker obtained login credentials for a server at a telecommunications company in Hawaii with access to an undersea communications cable.

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    Former Chinese leader removed from Party congress
    Oct. 22, 2022
    Former Chinese President Hu Jintao was escorted out of a major session of the Chinese Communist Party on Saturday in a humiliating display of internal tensions within the ruling communist regime in Beijing.

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    U.S. military bases in Hawaii without water after water main break
    Oct. 20, 2022
    HONOLULU -- Several U.S. military bases here, including the headquarters of the Indo-Pacific Command, are without water after a water main break disrupted service to more than 90,000 service members and family, according to military officials. The water main broke Friday and repairs to the 36-inch pipe are expected to last a week.

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    Pacific Fleet admiral: No ambiguity in U.S, allies' ability to defend Taiwan
    Oct. 19, 2022
    The commander of the world's largest naval force component says there should be no ambiguity about the operational capabilities of the U.S. Navy's warships and other naval forces to defend Taiwan from a Chinese attack.

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    Beijing police mobilize as rare public protest mars preparations for Xi-dominated party congress
    Oct. 13, 2022
    Police in Beijing mobilized after a rare public protest against Chinese President Xi Jinping Thursday, as officials stepped up internet censorship days before a major Chinese Communist Party conference.

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    British intel chief: China threatens democratic order with fear, coercion and technology
    Oct. 11, 2022
    China is using a combination of fear, coercion and advanced technology to reshape the world according to its anti-democratic system, the head of Britain's electronic spy agency warned Tuesday.

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    U.S. sensors unable to track Chinese, Russian hypersonic missiles, says congressional report
    Oct. 11, 2022
    U.S. radars are unable to track Chinese and Russian high-speed missiles until late in their flight, even as new systems are being developed as part of the Pentagon's accelerated hypersonic missile defense program, according to a congressional report.

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    Chairman Xi? Party congress set to hand Chinese leader unprecedented power
    Oct. 9, 2022
    Xi Jinping has amassed unchecked power in the past decade. Now a Communist Party congress that opens Sunday in Beijing is poised to grant the Chinese president and party general secretary an unprecedented third five-year term in office despite a slowing economy and mounting domestic unrest over his zero-COVID health restrictions.

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    Chinese Embassy tries to silence Pompeo broadcasts into China
    Oct. 4, 2022
    China's government is seeking to silence former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for comments critical of the ruling Communist Party made during a new series of broadcasts that seek to speak directly to the Chinese people.

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    San Francisco celebrates Chinese communism in flag-raising to honor founding of nation
    Oct. 3, 2022
    San Francisco's government raised the Chinese flag over city hall last week to mark the founding of the People's Republic of China 73 years ago.

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    Chinese police post U.S. sites to coerce nationals
    Oct. 3, 2022
    China has developed a network of overseas "police stations" to conduct covert operations aimed at forcing Chinese nationals, mostly political dissidents wanted by Beijing, to return to China, according to a report by a human rights group.

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    Chinese espionage, cyber programs pose major counterintelligence threat, Senate report warns
    Oct. 2, 2022
    China's human spying, cyber espionage and more recently covert disinformation operations are a "600-pound gorilla in the room" of foreign counterintelligence threats, according to a Senate report on the growing problem of adversary spying.

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    Chinese, Russian warships spotted sailing near Alaskan island
    Sept. 26, 2022
    Chinese and Russian warships conducted a joint patrol near Alaska last week and prompted a Coast Guard cutter and C-130 transport to monitor the ship movements, Coast Guard officials have revealed.

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    Former Los Alamos nuclear scientists aid China's advanced weapons, private study says
    Sept. 22, 2022
    The Chinese government targeted scientists at the Los Alamos nuclear laboratory for recruitment, with more than 160 researchers returning to China over more than three decades to help nuclear and other advanced weapons programs there, according to a new report by a private security and intelligence firm.

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    House Republican seeks Treasury reports on 'millions' paid by Chinese company to Biden family
    Sept. 22, 2022
    A senior House Republican wants the Treasury Department to turn over all suspicious activity reports on dealings between President Biden and his family and a Chinese business linked to the government.
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    U.S. Pacific fleet commander warns expanding Chinese military could now blockade Taiwan
    Sept. 20, 2022
    China now boasts a large navy with enough surface warships to blockade rival Taiwan, according to the commander of the U.S. Navy's frontline fleet.

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    State Department watchdog gives failing grade to new counter-disinformation center
    Sept. 19, 2022
    The State Department unit devoted to countering disinformation and propaganda is failing to take the lead on government-wide efforts to expose foreign lies and deception, according to a new survey by the department's internal inspector general.

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    U.S. commanders wary of growing nuclear alliance between China and Russia
    Sept. 18, 2022
    The growing ties between China and Russia are sparking new fears among U.S. war planners that the nuclear powers will soon pose a unified nuclear threat, the Air Force general nominated to head the nation's nuclear deterrence arsenal told Congress.

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    Xi, Putin pledge unity to fight U.S. dominance
    Sept. 15, 2022
    Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed to forge closer ties during a summit in Central Asia on Thursday that included a discussion of Chinese support for Russia's troubled invasion of Ukraine and Russian support for Beijing’s claims to Taiwan.

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    Space Force nominee warns Chinese weapons can destroy U.S. satellites
    Sept. 14, 2022
    China's military has developed space weapons capable of disrupting and destroying American satellites in all orbits, the nominee for senior leader of the Space Force warned Congress.

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    Russia flies reconnaissance aircraft in restricted zone near Alaska, NORAD planes scrambled
    Sept. 12, 2022
    Russia's military marked the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks by dispatching two military reconnaissance aircraft near Alaska on Sunday, the U.S. and Canadian militaries disclosed Monday.

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    Pentagon tests multi-warhead ICBM after delays
    Sept. 8, 2022
    The Air Force has flight-tested a Minuteman III ballistic missile that practiced launching multiple nuclear warheads, after twice delaying the exercise amid tensions with global rivals.

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    U.S. indicts two Marshall Islands nationals in China-linked bribery scheme
    Sept. 6, 2022
    Two Marshall Islands nationals of Chinese descent were indicted by the Justice Department on charges of bribing government officials of the Pacific island-state with funds from China.

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    China shuts down counter-drug talks with U.S., fueling fears of more overdose deaths
    Aug. 31, 2022
    China's decision to suspend counternarcotics cooperation with the United States to protest a high-profile congressional visit to Taiwan is fueling fears of a sharp increase in overdose deaths from Chinese-supplied stocks of fentanyl.

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    Taiwan Strait war could lead to undersea internet cables cutoff, costly shipping disruptions: Report
    Aug. 29, 2022
    War between China and Taiwan could lead to a break of undersea communications cables and costly delays in moving shipping containers through the region, according to a think tank report made public Monday.

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    State Department: China using artificial intelligence programs to blunt criticism of Uyghur policies
    Aug. 24, 2022
    China is engaged in a global influence and disinformation campaign, including the use of artificial intelligence-generated fake images, aimed at countering reports of repression against minority Uyghurs, according to a State Department report made public Wednesday.

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    Commerce sanctions Chinese aerospace companies for military ties
    Aug. 23, 2022
    Seven Chinese aerospace companies were added to the Commerce Department blacklist Tuesday for ties to China's large-scale military modernization program.

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    Navy awards $4.4 billion contract to Johns Hopkins physics lab
    Aug. 22, 2022
    The Pentagon announced on Monday that the Navy awarded a $4.4 billion contract to the Advanced Physics Laboratory (APL) at Johns Hopkins University for defense and strategic systems work.

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    China ramps up pressure on Taiwan after controversial U.S. visits
    Aug. 22, 2022
    Chinese naval forces showed no signs of let-up Monday against Taiwan, flying warplanes again close to the self-ruled island days after a pair of controversial U.S. congressional visits that infuriated Beijing.

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    VOA cancels Chinese-language programs on Taiwan
    Aug. 18, 2022
    Voice of America is canceling two Chinese-language programs focused on the standoff between China and Taiwan in a move critics say signals a softening of the broadcaster's coverage of communist China.

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    U.S. Indo-Pacific commander warns about Chinese nuclear buildup
    Aug. 16, 2022
    The commander of American military forces in the Pacific is pushing back against Chinese government claims that a three-nation pact to build nuclear submarines for Australia poses a danger of nuclear weapons proliferation.

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    China renews war games around Taiwan after congressional delegation's visit
    Aug. 15, 2022
    China's military is continuing provocative military exercises that U.S. officials say are intended to coerce and intimidate Taiwan, a key regional ally.

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    Chinese companies probed by U.S. to delist from New York Stock Exchange
    Aug. 12, 2022
    Five major Chinese state-owned companies, including oil producers Sinopec and PetroChina, announced Friday they will no longer list their stock for trading with the New York Stock Exchange amid U.S. investigations of their audit and disclosure policies.

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    China's Wuhan institute studied deadly bioterrorism agent, Congress told
    Aug. 9, 2022
    China's Wuhan Institute of Virology, where the COVID-19 pandemic may have started, conducted work on a deadlier virus with a 60% lethality rate, according to recent Senate testimony.

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    China's 'breathtaking' nuclear arms push a rising challenge, Stratcom chief says
    July 28, 2022
    China is expanding its nuclear forces at a "breathtaking" pace, the commander of the U.S. Strategic Command warned in urging for strengthened U.S. nuclear deterrence against the danger.

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    U.S. Army reboots, reorients to confront China, back allies in region
    July 27, 2022
    The U.S. Army is building up forces and international ties throughout the Indo-Pacific region to counter growing Chinese aggression and strengthen nervous regional allies, the commander of the U.S. Army Pacific said in an interview.

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    Biden administration preps Taiwan for Chinese attack after Ukraine invasion
    July 22, 2022
    ASPEN, Colo. -- The Biden administration is bolstering U.S. arms production to sustain the war in Ukraine and to support Taiwan in preparing to fend off a future Russian-style invasion from China, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said.

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    Russia tests U.S. air defenses in midst of Ukraine war
    July 22, 2022
    ASPEN, Colo. -- Two Russian maritime patrol aircraft tested the U.S. and Canadian air defense zone two weeks ago in a show of force in the midst of Moscow's military operation in Ukraine and nuclear saber-rattling, the commander of the Northern Command said Friday.

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    Western nations grow alarmed at China's increasing threats
    July 21, 2022
    ASPEN, Colo. -- Britain's storied MI6 foreign intelligence service has retooled its operations with a major focus on the threat posed by China, the agency's director said in rare public remarks Thursday.

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    British intelligence retools for spying on China
    July 21, 2022
    Britain's MI6 foreign intelligence service has retooled the storied spy agency with a major focus on the threat posed by China, the agency's director said in rare public remarks Thursday.

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    CIA chief: China set for takeover of Taiwan in next few years
    July 21, 2022
    Chinese President Xi Jinping is determined to take control of Taiwan but is studying the lessons of Russian military shortfalls in Ukraine before taking action, CIA Director William Burns said Wednesday.

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    China is not the Soviet Union, Beijing's ambassador tells security conference
    July 20, 2022
    The Chinese Communist Party is not like its predecessor in the Soviet Union and thus there should be no new Cold War between the United States and China, China's ambassador to the United States said Wednesday.

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    U.S., China clash again over territorial disputes in South China Sea
    July 18, 2022
    A Navy guided-missile destroyer conducted a second freedom of navigation operation in the South China Sea three days after sailing near disputed islands in the northern part of the sea, the Navy's Seventh Fleet said.
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    Navy warship marks S. China Sea ruling anniversary
    July 13, 2022
    A U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyer this week helped mark the sixth anniversary of a landmark international tribunal ruling declaring the South China Sea to be international waters and not a Chinese lake.

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    Indictment reveals new details of Chinese targeting of dissidents
    July 11, 2022
    China's government used American private investigators to harass dissidents in the United States, according to a federal indictment of five people made public last week.

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    China steps up influence operations of state, local officials, U.S. agency's report says
    July 7, 2022
    China is increasingly targeting American state and local officials in influence operations designed to further the objectives of the ruling Communist Party, according to a new report by a U.S. counterintelligence agency.

    (...Full story)

    Hill panel OKs funding ban for U.S. group linked to Chinese lab at center of COVID controversy
    July 5, 2022
    A House appropriations panel has approved an amendment to a major spending bill working its way through Congress that would ban funding for work in China by a New York-based group linked to suspect virus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

    (...Full story)

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  • Inside the Ring
    Notes from the Pentagon

    DIA official on China's 'awesome' military buildup

    China is expanding its military capabilities in multiple ways as part of a large-scale modernization program that is "awesome" in scope, according to a senior Defense Intelligence Agency official.

    Also, Pentagon orders end to large flag displays; Candidate: Ukraine aid limits U.S. arms for China.(March 16, 2023)

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    Part 1: Fumbled China spy probe an intelligence failure
    Part 2: North Korea: Criminal State
    Part 3: Countering the Terrorist Threat

    Highlights from Enemies:

  • How FBI informant Katrina Leung and her FBI handler J.J. Smith helped China obtain vital secrets on U.S. electronic eavesdropping.
  • New details on the technical intellignece-gathering spy ring of Tai Mak and Chi Mak, two brothers arrested for supplying China with vital defense technology.
  • How information compromised to China allows Beijing to track U.S. Virginia-class submarines.
  • How the CIA was informed in 1999 that at least three of its clandestine service officers were on the payroll of Chinese intelligence, but the agency failed to find the spies.
  • How China has established a special, ultra-secret intelligence unit tasked with planting spies inside the U.S. government.
  • How China ran a high-level penetration agent inside the U.S. government code-named "Mother."
  • How the FBI mistakenly hounded CIA counterintelligence officer Brian Kelley and his family for nearly two years, while the real target of the mole hunt, FBI Agent Robert Hanssen, operated freely and passed secrets to Moscow.
  • How Russia has dispatched scores of intelligence operatives to the United States, rivaling Cold War levels of spying.
  • How weak counterintelligence has allowed terrorists to infiltrate the U.S. military gain access to U.S. secrets.
  • How North Korea conducted intelligence-related abductions of Japanese nationals.
  • How Cuba penetrated the Defense Intelligence Agency and other agencies with high-level mole Ana Montes, who spied to help Nicaragua's Sandinistas and then became Cuba's most important agent.
  • How British military intelligence penetrated the terrorist Irish Republican Army with an agent code-named Stakeknife.

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    Excerpts from Treachery
    Part 1: French connection armed Saddam

    Part 2: Libyan sincerity on arms in doubt

    Part 3: U.N. nuclear agency asleep at the switch

    Praise for Treachery:

    "Treachery with its reams of classified and other insider information, reveals how our nation's enemies obtain weapons from China, Russia, France, Germany and other supposed friends. The book is must-reading if you want to know the confidential story of the growing danger of global arms proliferation."

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    -- Lt. Gen. Thomas G. McInerney, USAF (Ret.), bestselling author of Endgame.

    "Mr. Gertz's articles are liable to have two types of consequences that I can only regret: In the short term, Mr. Gertz may succeed in rekindling the flame of French-bashing, which might provide short-term satisfaction to Mr. Gertz but will not help solve the difficult situation we face in Iraq. French-bashing in the United States as well as anti-American sentiments in Europe are both dangerous trends that we must all do our best to combat."

    -- Jean-David Levitte, French ambassador to the United States

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    -- Jeane J. Kirkpatrick, Leavey Professor of Government, Georgetown University, and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.

    "Bill Gertz, one of America's most accomplished and credible investigative reporters, offers a compelling analysis of our nation's intelligence problems, including their historical roots, and provides a comprehensive prescription for correcting the deficiencies and improving national security."
    -- Edwin Meese III, former Attorney General of the United States.

    "A great read."
    -- John McLaughlin, host, "One on One"

    Eyes Wide Shut
    Washington Times book review by Joshua Sinai

    'Breakdown': A Catastrophic Failure to Think the Unthinkable
    New York Times book review by Sam Roberts

    Intelligence: A smarter route
    By Edwin J. Feulner

    CNN/Time Poll:
    Did U.S. Intelligence Agencies Fail on 9/11?

    September 2002
    Yes: 65 percent
    No: 31 percent

    September 2001
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    Part II: Clinton critic says he was targeted
    Part III: China prepares for war with U.S. over Taiwan

    The New Cold War
    Washington Times book review by Steven Mosher

    Wire stories about 'The China Threat'


    "There is no Churchill in America today. Where are they to turn then, those patriots in our security services who understand what the fecklessness, stupidity and corruption of the Clinton administration are costing us? It would not be very surprising if they were to seek out a sympathetic journalist, in the slim hope that the American public might take their eyes away from Hollywood and Wall Street long enough to pay attention. If so, their contact of choice would be Bill Gertz, defense reporter for the Washington Times."
    -- John Derbyshire, National Review, Dec. 4, 2000

    "The China Threat is especially strong in piecing together the larger pattern of modernization in the Chinese military and the looming U.S.-China confrontation over Taiwan."
    -- Tom Donnelly, The Weekly Standard, Dec. 4, 2000

    "Sheer fabrication out of ulterior motives, with which we express our strong dissatisfaction. It must be pointed out that there are always some people in the United States who cling to the Cold War mentality and have prejudice of and hostility against China... We demand those who have plotted the so-called 'China Spy Case' see clearly the trend of history and immediately stop their despicable acts of wantonly attacking China."
    -- Sun Yuxi, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, People's Republic of China, Nov. 16, 2000

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    -- R. James Woolsey, former CIA Director

    "Mr. Gertz has performed a signal service by writing this thorough, frightening, and sad chronicle of how we fell from our ability to provide leadership in the quest for peace without appeasement."
    -- The Honorable Caspar Weinberger, former Secretary of Defense, Chairman of Forbes magazine

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